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Is there a difference between a Felony and Misdemeanor charge?

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felony vs. misdemeanorDepending on the state, some criminal actions will be considered misdemeanors, and some felonies. What draws the line between the two? Generally, felonies are more serious crimes than misdemeanors are. The separation between the two can lie in the amount of jail time you may face. It is best to hire a good criminal attorney, because sometimes felonies can be mitigated down to misdemeanors, which carry lesser sentences.

The Law Offices of Randy Collins has several years of experience assisting those facing misdemeanor and felony charges and provide free case evaluations. You can call their office day or night for help.


Much smaller crimes, such as minor drug possession, like less than 28.5 grams of marijuana possession in California, are considered infractions. This will receive a fine, but no jail time. These also include every day traffic tickets or jaywalking. As long as you pay your fines, these infractions will not be a problem for you.


These are more serious crimes, generally defined as a crime that is punishable for up to one year in jail. Fines can also be associated with misdemeanors. Prosecutors generally have the power to decide whether you should be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Attorney Randy Collins, a former District Attorney Prosecutor, spoke about these crimes at his recent OCC appearance. These types of crimes include:

* Minor thefts

* Certain traffic offenses (like a DUI)

* Other minor drug offenses

Time will likely be served in a local or county jail, rather than in prison.


These are classified as the most serious, and often dangerous, crimes. Most states classify felonies in degrees, such as first degree being the most serious. Types of felonies include:

* Murder

* Aggravated or grand theft

* Rape

* Breaking and entering

Felonies are punished by substantial fines and prison sentences. Unlike misdemeanors, felony prison sentences are served in either state or federal correctional institutions. Some attorneys are unable to handle criminal charges that are brought forth in state and federal court. Randy Collins’ Law Offices assist defendants regardless of what government agency is pursuing charges.

Being convicted of a felony has more disadvantages than just higher fines and longer prison sentences. Convicted felons may not be able to serve on juries, purchase or possess firearms, and may not even be able to get job in areas such as law, teaching or the military.

California Criminal Defense Assistance

Criminal defendants in Southern California have the option of utilizing the services of a public defender, but in many cases, this is accepting sub-par legal representation in a situation that could have a significant impact on your future.

Randy Collins’ Law Firm offers provides free case evaluations to anyone facing charges in Southern California. You can call their, or several other law firms throughout California to receive a case evaluation and find out what options you can take advantage of.



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