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Common violations resulting in employment law class actions

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violationsEmployers violate various employment laws either knowingly or unknowingly. Actually, cases are being reported daily by employees who have been mistreated in various forms. To what extent is mistreatment viewed as violation? Who will you inform about your employer’s ill treatment? What if your employer has a lawyer while you do not have one? Such and other related question linger in the mind of employees. In a bid to enlighten you about the course to take after being mistreated, below is an extensive coverage for you.

When should you seek legal help?

If you view your employer’s traits and practices as a violation on set rules, seek legal help. By seeking help, you pitch yourself in a battle against your employer based on the reported scenario. At times the violation can be so intense that it may be against labor laws too.

Should you hire an advocate?

Yes. Actually, it should not be an option since your employer will definitely have someone represent them. Since you are in a battle with your superior, chances are you are likely to be demeaned in court till you call off the case without getting justice administered.

Violation categories

Before you term the unfair treatment as violation of laws, consider gauging them against the listed types below. Before you gauge them, ensure that you understand what each violation entails so that your gauging comes out right.

There are various types of violations. They include:

* Discrimination at work

* Harassment and assault

* Honor and wages

* Retaliation

* Leave issues

The above are common with many employers. How should you react if you are a victim of the above? It is normal to be stranded while trying to pick the best choice. However, consider informing your Human Resource manager about it. Though it is the first move, do not do it in speech but in writing so that you will have a copy for future reference. When writing it, remember to mention the base on which you were mistreated. Were you treated on the basis

of race, pregnancy, sex or national origin? Do not forget to mention that. You can also put witness information and have their signatures in place too.

Effects of violating employment laws

Emotional effects

Ever imagined being a slave of emotional feelings? If your employer violates a law against you, chances are that you will be emotionally disturbed. Among the top emotional effects are anger, depression, humiliation, anxiety, feeling of being helpless and confusion.

Financial effects

What if you were the breadwinner? You worked hard because your family depended on you for financial support. When such a source of income is disturbed, your family’s financial welfare is at stake after being exposed to tough economic crisis and realities.

Compensations employees can expect to receive

  1. Pay hike

Violations such a termination and wage disputes will be resolved in an industrial court or a normal one depending on the laws violated. If you were terminated, the entire payment that you missed will be given back to you by your employer. A slight increase is expected to act as compensation.

  1. Honor

Were you discriminated or harassed? If you are a victim of any of the two, an employer will have your honor back. Honor entails being treated right with great humanity. Lastly, the employer promises not to violate any such law in the future.

  1. Awarding of leave

What will happen when you get pregnant in future? Your employer should assure you of a maternal leave without holding back any leave benefits such as payments while off from work. Moreover, there should be no limitations concerning the leave. This includes a fair hearing to any explanation as to why a leave extension is asked for by an employee.

Will employers seize to mistreat employees? To some extent, it may seize but it depends on the punitive action legal institutions come up with. How will a light punishment hold an employer

from harassing an employee? For violation to end, employers need to be educated on the laws, violation and effects.

Employees too have to know the best ways to report a violation case. Check with your lawyer for more information on Employment class action law


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